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Support: (617)-439-7310 Sales: (877)-700-1921 Request a Demo

Ledgex Products Overview

The Ledgex Platform was designed and built to provide multi-fund managers the ability to systematically manage their portfolios, perform complex analytics and provide robust reporting, both internal and external to the firm. Ledgex delivers solutions for: Portfolio Management, Research Management, Liquidity Management, Investor and Client Relations and Due Diligence.

Who uses Ledgex?

  • Fund of Hedge Funds
  • PE Fund of Funds
  • Family Offices: Single & Multi
  • Hedge Funds
  • Endowments & Foundations (E&F)
  • Pensions
  • Consultants
  • Asset Allocators

Portfolio Management

Ledgex Portfolio Manager

Ledgex Portfolio Manager is a comprehensive portfolio management system for investment managers with exposure to alternative investments. Ledgex Portfolio Manager natively supports the unique way multi-manager investment managers handle daily trading activity, positions and pricing methodologies. The platform allows managers to easily manage complex portfolio structures and look through these portfolios for exposure, performance and allocation weights.

Ledgex Portfolio Manager also streamlines the communication between the front, middle and back office activities related to managing manager activities and closing portfolios. The platform delivers robust reporting and decision support tools, including automated communications of manager activity with appropriate hand-off to operations and accounting to close and reconcile the portfolio with administrators.

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Portfolio Management

Ledgex Research

Access to accurate, real-time manager research is critical for fund of funds, endowments, pensions and family offices to make timely informed decisions. Ledgex Research combines CRM, document management and portfolio management capabilities into a single system that supports and enhances the investment process. With Ledgex Research, investment professionals can efficiently manage and navigate mass amounts of research data, while only acting on the right information. From manager selection to manager monitoring, Ledgex Research adapts to existing investment management and monitoring processes and workflows.

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Liquidity Management

Ledgex Liquidity

Today, investment firms must have robust liquidity management tools and procedures. However, too often fund of funds, endowments, pensions and institutional investors continue to grapple with liquidity management and reporting within their investment portfolios due to a range of issues including complex structures, side pocket interests, gating complexities and regulations.

Ledgex Liquidity solves this by providing an advanced liquidity modeling utility and reporting engine. The Ledgex Liquidity engine generates all available options for accessing assets given certain conditions by processing each tranche and their respective trade characteristics with a manager’s liquidity terms. The platform also enables modeling and analysis of a portfolio or manager’s liquidity through various reports and utilities, including liquidity calendars, liquidation scenarios and portfolio projections.

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Investor Relationship Management

Ledgex Investor Relations

Ledgex IRM is a highly configurable software platform designed specifically for supporting the workflows related to investor relations, sales, marketing and client service teams at fund of funds, family offices, hedge funds and asset managers. Ledgex IRM efficiently manages communications, capital movements, meetings, and client interactions in a centralized system and brings organization to the IRM process.

Ledgex IRM incorporates marketing efforts and sales pipeline management, delivering key features including opportunity management and scoring, contact management and mass mailing distribution.

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Manager Due Diligence Software

Ledgex Due Diligence

Ledgex Systems is transforming the way asset managers, fund of funds, endowments and foundations (E&F), family offices, pensions and consultants manage their portfolios, make investment decisions and meet investor demands. The powerful Ledgex Platform combines portfolio management and accounting, manager research and due diligence, liquidity management and investor reporting into a single platform.

Ledgex Due Diligence allows firms to more effectively manage the complete manager due diligence process by standardizing and uniformly recording the quantitative and qualitative due diligence information gathered on a manager.

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Client Relationship Management

Ledgex CRM

Ledgex CRM is a highly configurable, centralized platform that is tailored specifically for hedge funds, endowments and foundations, fund of funds, pensions and family office organizations.

Ledgex CRM is ideal for managing and tracking investor communications, sales opportunities, client relationships and capital movements. It is a web-based solution that streamlines investor relationship management and capital activity, enabling managers to optimize their time and focus on fostering relations and growing business.

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