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Ledgex Systems Launches Ledgex 7.0 Delivering SaaS Availability Plus New Manager Research and Due Diligence Features

BOSTON – June 15, 2015 Ledgex Systems, a leading provider of Portfolio Management, Manager Research, Liquidity management, and Investor Relations software for financial firms, today announced the launch of Ledgex 7.0 featuring availability as a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model. Ledgex 7.0 also introduces new features and advanced functionality around manager research, due diligence and client relationship management (CRM).

Ledgex 7.0 is now available to clients via SaaS delivery to simplify application management and speed deployment. The new SaaS delivery model offers many advantages including compatibility across multiple devices, increased accessibility and greater deployment flexibility. Additionally, its multi-tenant architecture features a very modern and user-friendly user interface (UI) and robust reporting capabilities.

“Adding multi-tenant SaaS as one of our delivery methods, Ledgex has the unique ability to scale indefinitely, enabling the platform to efficiently meet evolving client and market demands and allows firms multiple deployment options,” said Jaime Bean, manager director at Ledgex.

The company also continued to enhance its platform with new features added to its Manager Research, Due Diligence and CRM modules. Ledgex Manager Research now features a configurable dashboard to meet end-user specific needs, data visualization tools and support various workflows. Building upon the already advanced due diligence model, are newly added peer groups for easier analysis and tracking. Latest improvements to Ledgex CRM include geographic searching capabilities for travel planning. This latest value-add locates contacts and accounts that are close in proximity to a firm’s clients and prospects.

“The ideation behind expanding the Ledgex platform to offer SaaS delivery was specifically to meet the evolving demands of our clients and to simplify the daily operations within a firm while reducing expenditures,” said Brian Macallister, managing director at Ledgex. “Ledgex 7.0 is a testament to our continuous innovation as a company, and we are confident the platform will provide assured, reliable performance to current and future clients.”

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