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Ledgex Systems Enriches Platform with New Mobile App, Document Explorer, Private Equity Cash Forecasting and Visualization Tools

BOSTON – May 10, 2016 – Ledgex Systems, the leading provider of Portfolio and Research Management solutions for the alternative and institutional investment communities, today announced its first product updates of 2016. Enhancements to the Ledgex Platform include improved visualization tools, new mobile application, expanded document management capabilities and new private equity (PE) cash forecasting capabilities.

Latest features and benefits added to the Ledgex Platform include:

  • Ledgex Mobile Application: Leveraging the power of Ledgex’s mobile application to accelerate productivity, users can now access Ledgex natively on iOS and Android devices, ideal for clients on-the-go. Built on cutting-edge technology, the Ledgex mobile app offers an interactive, portable application with unlimited access to documents, search capabilities and the ability to add new items, such as contacts and activities. The easy-to-use Ledgex mobile app gives users the benefits of filtering information to their liking and doing more on the move with access to clients, email, notes and meetings.
  • Enhanced Visualization Tools: User interface innovations optimize the presentation of data and notification/alert capabilities. Updated dashboards bring a wealth of information to launch pages with interactive charts and graphs. With new data aggregation tools available in Ledgex, users can drill down deeper into data that could uncover actionable insights. Additionally, alerts are positioned front and center to help users stay on top of their tasks.
  • PE Cash Forecasting Tool: The private equity cash forecasting tool empowers investors to manage and predict the volatility of cash flows intrinsic to the market. This includes forecasting capital for illiquid PE investments and better planning for future cash needs with both PE and hedge fund investments. With forward-looking statements, firms can improve efficiencies and fund performance through robust PE tracking.
  • Document Explorer: Updates to Ledgex Research Management put firms in complete control of document management. The newly added feature, Document Explorer, enables users to tag, store, search and sort documents for ease of access. The tool’s folder structure format supports personalization that allows users to modify how they view documents, which is useful for simplifying and prioritizing file details that are displayed. Users can instantly import files into Ledgex from the desktop or email with drag-and-drop capabilities, and conversely, can download documents in bulk or from emails.

“In an industry inundated with uncertainty, it is imperative we provide our customers with the advanced tools needed to better forecast for future asset allocation and mitigate investment risks,” said Jaime Bean, managing director of Ledgex Systems. “We’re confident that these latest offerings and enhancements to the Ledgex Platform will continue to help our clients navigate their day-to-day better and achieve success.”

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