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Ledgex Systems Enhances Portfolio Management & Analysis Platform with New Illiquid Asset Forecasting and Attribution Models and Expanded Peer Analysis Capabilities

BOSTON – October 04, 2016 – Ledgex Systems, the leading provider of portfolio and research management solutions for the alternative and institutional investment industries, today announced its latest product updates of 2016. Enhancements to the Ledgex Platform include new illiquid alternative asset forecasting and performance attribution models, expanded peer analysis capabilities as well as enriched research management features. These additions build on the already robust platform Ledgex provides to the marketplace.

Illiquid alternative assets are an important element of institutional portfolios, and it is essential for managers to have visibility into their values. The Ledgex platform now incorporates the Yale Model of cash forecasting which enables users to easily forecast future asset values and cash flows of illiquid alternative assets, such as private equity investments. Ledgex also added the Brinson Performance Attribution Model to the portfolio management module of its product suite.

Additional product enhancements include:

  • New peer analysis updates
  • Continued user interface (UI) enhancements, including new custom dashboards that are comprehensive and intuitive
  • Expanded alerting and workflow capabilities throughout the platform including Ledgex Research Management modules
  • Enhanced analytics support within the user interface, interactive dashboards and advanced reports

“Ledgex Systems is an innovative software company focused on delivering the comprehensive portfolio and research management features that our clients require. The latest product enhancements reinforce our commitment to delivering must-have capabilities coupled with a clean, yet intuitive user interface that creates truly custom experiences based on a user’s focus area,” said Jaime Bean, Managing Director and Chief Revenue Officer. “Looking ahead, Ledgex’s product roadmap is flush with new features and integrations that will provide significant value to our clients and move the market forward.”

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