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Ledgex Systems Enhances Platform for 2018

As a lookback, in 2017, Ledgex introduced new features and enhancements aligned to the needs of family offices, endowments and foundations, wealth advisors, consultants and other alternative asset allocators. Heading into 2018 we are positioned well to help many firms with our advanced and comprehensive platform.

These noteworthy features include:

Comprehensive Portfolio Visualization Tools

Ledgex’s visualization tools optimize the presentation of data and notification/alert capabilities, and the innovative dashboards bring key information to launch pages via interactive charts and graphs. Ledgex’s data aggregation tools also allow users to drill down deeper into data that helps uncover actionable insights.

An Enhanced Portfolio Management Workshop

Building off the assumption that a well-designed Workshop has all the tools a person needs, Ledgex created its own Workshop within the portfolio management module. Ledgex Workshop is designed specifically to enrich portfolio monitoring and modeling functions including performance, attribution, contribution, analytics, PM modeling and peer group analysis. Workshop provides the features, tools and reporting capabilities users require in an efficient and intuitive interface.

Advanced Research Management Capabilities

These days, the value of having a system that combines portfolio management with research management cannot be ignored – and Ledgex is excelling in this area. Ledgex’s advanced RMS features simplify gathering, management and input of manager information while surrounding data with process driven workflows and dashboards.

With the Ledgex platform, users can collect and input manager data via a secure

Questionnaire or utilize the sophisticated email ‘listener’ tool which vastly simplifies the intake of enormous amounts of manager emails and documents. Ledgex then surrounds the data with advanced work-flows guided by sound research methodology and presents the most important information.

Data Aggregation compete with Private Client Resources (PCR)

Ledgex entered into another exciting partnership with a firm that is clearly on top of their game when it comes to illiquid data aggregation services to asset allocators and their advisors. The partnership will deliver a higher-quality, lower-cost option to manually gathering alternative assets and ultimately the highest-quality investment insights possible. PCRs data-as-a-service platform seamlessly feeds a fully normalized and reconciled set of cash flows and positions into Ledgex ultimately producing the highest quality investment insights possible.

Management and Forecasting of Illiquid Alternative Assets

In Preqin’s 2016 Private Equity Snapshot report, it found that 84% of investors have a positive perception of private equity (greatest proportion among alternative asset classes) and 48% of investors plan to increase their allocation to private equity. The continued growth of allocations to private equity comes with the need to effectively manage illiquid assets.

The Ledgex platform enables investors to manage and predict the volatility of liquid and illiquid cash flows, with key features such as inclusion of industry models. Ledgex incorporates the Yale Model of cash forecasting which allows users to accurately forecast future asset values and cash flows of illiquid alternative assets such as private equity investments. Ledgex also includes the Brinson Performance Attribution Model in its portfolio management module.

A Portfolio Management Solution You Can’t Ignore (or at least shouldn’t!)

Ledgex Systems is squarely focused on delivering the portfolio and research management capabilities that asset allocators require. From family offices, fund of funds and wealth advisors to endowments and foundations, asset allocators should give Ledgex a long hard look.


Ledgex Systems is transforming the way endowments and foundations, family offices, wealth advisors, pensions, consultants, fund of funds, hedge funds and private equity firms manage their portfolios and client relations, make investment decisions and meet investor demands. The powerful Ledgex platform is an integrated technology suite that streamlines critical functions of investment management firms. The comprehensive suite delivers solutions for: Portfolio Management & Analytics, Research Management and Due Diligence, Liquidity Management, Investor Relations Management and CRM.

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