Senior Software Engineer

What you’ll be doing

The Duties of the Senior Software Engineer are as follows:

  • Function as main architect behind primary data importation and exportation systems; provide technical direction to development team;
  • Design Office Plugin features for contact synchronization system which syncs contacts from our company’s system, Ledgex, to Outlook and vice versa;
  • Assist with code review, unit/functional tests and play a key role with new developer mentoring;
  • Assist Director of SW Engineering in translation of business requirements to technical requirements that align with the Ledgex platform;
  • Be a key member of cloud-based backend services team which requires services to maintain Ledgex’s contractually obligated uptime for all SaaS clients.
  • Develop new features and enhancements that align with Business Requirements.
  • Integrate automated unit/regression testing in critical areas of the system.
  • Perform updates to back-end services that support import/export of client data.
  • Develop modern User Interfaces that uphold the Ledgex look and feel yet aligns well with industry best practices.
  • Work independently and with a team depending on project requirements and scope.
  • Communicate with Product Owners to ensure new enhancements, features and fixes are done according to requirements and general expectations.
  • Work closely with Database, PSG and QA teams during design and development of technical tasks.
  • Keep up to date with latest industry trends and recommendations in regard to performance, security and functionality.
  • Improve application performance throughout utilizing concepts such as caching and using optimal SQL queries.
  • Collaborate effectively with team in regard to system design, defect discovery and resolution.
  • Participate in morning standup meetings and occasional whiteboard sessions.
  • Develop and support internal tooling to facilitate in-house development needs.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science;
  • 5 years’ of Software Development or related experience. May also qualify with Master’s in Computer Science or closely related field and 1 year of Software Development or related experience.
  • C#, ASP.NET, CSS, JavaScript for software for financial investment solutions, Microsoft SQL Server, strong software development skills, including design, development and testing.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication.
  • Excellent time management.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and team participation.
  • Must be independent and self-driven.
  • Sharp attention to detail.
  • Proven analytical and problem solving abilities.

How to apply

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