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Ledgex Due Diligence allows firms to more effectively manage the complete manager due diligence process by standardizing and uniformly recording the quantitative and qualitative due diligence information gathered on a manager. Manager due diligence process management and manager due diligence ranking functionality enables multi-managers to:

  • Configure specific workflows and quantify firm-wide judgments on prospective and invested managers using Ledgex’s configurable scoring system;
  • Collect, aggregate and report on quantitative and qualitative research activities and due diligence data in a consistent format to methodically guide evaluation and selection;
  • Conduct peer analysis of key metrics among peer managers;
  • Easily define and oversee due diligence follow-up procedures and processes for monitoring managers by a firm’s research groups; and
  • Track due diligence call notes, meetings, contacts and task management.

Standardize the Due Diligence Information Collection Process

Client Defined Processes: Operational Due Diligence professionals and research analysts may create Q&A scripts and workflows to standardize the information collected from Due Diligence meetings (i.e. first call, quarterly calls, meetings and on-site reviews).

Client Defined Workflows: Ensure the right information is collected at the right point in time by defining question requirements for each stage in the process. Firms can also specify questions to be asked by manager type, strategy or stage of investment.

Audit Trail and History: Reviewing current and historical responses is important to enable informed decision making. Ledgex tracks and provides an audit trail of responses and times series year-over-year right within the UI via dashboards or reports.

Comparing Responses Across Peer Groups: Knowing how a manager has answered a particular question or set of questions is valuable. However, being able to compare these answers with other like managers seamlessly facilitates benchmarking and standardization

Manager and Process Summary: Easily create manager profiles including the current and historical due diligence responses for a complete representation. Create interactive reports and dashboards to help facilitate the entire process.

Follow-up Task Management: Completing all follow-up tasks on-time is essential to an efficient due diligence process and increases team productivity. Ledgex alerts task owners of upcoming deadlines and data collection requirements to ensure manager profiles are complete and comprehensive.

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