Ledgex Research Management

Modern, Intuitive, Seamless

Knowledge is power and effectively harnessing data provides a competitive advantage.

Ledgex Research Management (RMS) combines Due Diligence, CRM, Document Management and Portfolio Management capabilities into a single research management system that supports and enhances the investment process.

With Ledgex RMS, investment professionals can efficiently manage and navigate mass amounts of research data in a centralized data warehouse. From manager selection to manager monitoring, Ledgex RMS adapts to existing investment management workflows and monitoring processes.

The Ledgex Manager Research platform is built off the latest and greatest technology; offering a completely configurable and intuitive research management platform.

Research Management Features

  • Manage the investment pipeline and conduct manager screening
  • Report and monitor firm-defined manager attributes, including exposures, allocation weighting, attribution, AUM and investor concentration
  • Manage, store and report on the due diligence process and manager status
  • Conduct investment analysis with benchmarks and peer groups
  • Track manager returns
  • Evaluate rollup portfolio exposure and allocations of existing or prospective managers
  • View exposure and liquidity to master, feeders, classes and series
  • Track manager email communications
  • Capture call notes, tasks and meetings
  • Store and categorize documents
  • Sync with Outlook email and meetings
  • Surveys
  • Automated Workflows
  • Email Listener

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