Senior Software Engineer



The Duties of the Senior Software Engineer are as follows: Function as main architect behind primary data importation and exportation systems; provide technical direction to development team; Design Office Plugin features for contact synchronization system which syncs contacts from our company’s system, Ledgex, to Outlook and vice versa; assist with code review, unit/functional tests and play a key role with new developer mentoring; assist Director of SW Engineering in translation of business requirements to technical requirements that align with the Ledgex platform; key member of cloud-based backend services team which requires services to maintain Ledgex’s contractually obligated uptime for all SaaS clients. Develop new features and enhancements that align with Business Requirements.


  • Integrate automated unit/regression testing in critical areas of the system.
  • Perform updates to back-end services that support import/export of client data.
  • Develop modern User Interfaces that uphold the Ledgex look and feel yet aligns well with industry best practices.
  • Work independently and with a team depending on project requirements and scope.
  • Communicate with Product Owners to ensure new enhancements, features and fixes are done according to requirements and general expectations.
  • Work closely with Database, PSG and QA teams during design and development of technical tasks.
  • Keep up to date with latest industry trends and recommendations in regard to performance, security and functionality.
  • Improve application performance throughout utilizing concepts such as caching and using optimal SQL queries.
  • Collaborate effectively with team in regard to system design, defect discovery and resolution.
  • Participate in morning standup meetings and occasional whiteboard sessions.
  • Develop and support internal tooling to facilitate in-house development needs.


Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science; 5 years’ of Software Development or related experience. May also qualify with Master’s in Computer Science or closely related field and 1 year of Software Development or related experience. Qualifying experience must include: C#, ASP.NET, CSS, JavaScript for software for financial investment solutions, Microsoft SQL Server, strong software development skills, including design, development and testing. Excellent verbal and written communication. Excellent time management. Excellent interpersonal skills and team participation. Must be independent and self-driven. Sharp attention to detail. Proven analytical and problem solving abilities.

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