Comprehensive Portfolio Management and
Accounting for Family offices

Modern family office solutions and workflows to meet the needs of the next generation

Ledgex Pro is designed to accommodate the complexity of family office structures while ensuring that data flowing from sophisticated investments can be managed and reported on reliably and efficiently.

This changes everything. We have entity management unique to our needs, the structure of our accounting processes AND can leverage best available data for investing in a comprehensive system where data is only entered once.”

Good service starts with great data - Ledgex ensures you have it

In Ledgex Pro data is entered once, contextualized, and enriched over time, ensuring that the information used is always fit for purpose.  Patent pending ‘Confidence Index’ creates unparalleled transparency into the evolving nature of alternative investment data.

Respond to significant family events or purchases with confidence and speed

Anticipate and respond to potential liquidity needs and ensure your family’s financing requirements are met in a timely and seamless manner.  Easily update ownership structures when life events occur to avoid confusion, conflict, or unexpected liabilities.

Double-entry shouldn't require double-typing

Accounting is foundational to the investment office, so we built a foundational system that automatically generates ledger entries for every transaction entered, reconciled, and approved one time in Mission Control.

Enter Transactions Once

Award winning software backed by deep expertise in Family office processes.

The Ledgex Client Services team will work with you to ensure you are meeting the needs of the current generation and have a foundation that can adapt and respond to the next.  Whether its new regulations, impact investing, digital assets or other trends, your office will be confident in your ability to face the challenge.

Let the Ledgex Family take care of yours