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Ledgex Systems Enhances Platform for 2018

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Portfolio Management

A complete portfolio management platform with advanced analytics, performance measurement, reporting and workflow management for enhanced investment operations.

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Research Management

A central research management repository for all information relevant to the investment lifecycle including activities, meetings, documents, reports and contacts.

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Liquidity Management

Take charge of investor and investment liquidity by managing your portfolio daily to meet your firm's desired liquidity risk profile and never miss a notice date or liquidity option.

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Investor Relations

Efficiently manage communications, capital movements, meetings, and client interactions in a centralized system and bring organization to the fund raising process.

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Simplify Data Aggregation, Increase Productivity

Our Data Aggregation tool allows you to gain deeper visibility into your managers, their investments and your firm within a centralized solution. Seamlessly connect to third-party data flows or leverage our Analyst Team to manage data collection and input so every single data point your fund requires is standardized, centralized and reportable.

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Visualize Your Portfolio & Research Data Differently

Our solution delivers powerful visualization and analytics tools that allow your firm to create interactive dashboards to ignite new insights and achieve deeper analysis that results in outstanding investment decisions and returns.

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Intuitive Workflow Management at Every Step

The Ledgex platform delivers an intuitive approach to workflow management, guiding users through an activity path that ensures tasks and process are completed uniformly, accurately and consistently. Effective workflow management ensures process compliance, strengthens operational controls and ultimately improves the investment management lifecycle.

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Fully Integrated Portfolio & Research Platform
Highly Customizable Platform That's User-friendly and Intuitive
Standardizing Research, Workflow and Reporting in One Platform
Built On The Latest Technology, Integrated With The Right Systems

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