About Us

Ledgex is the first FinTech platform specifically designed to help fix the data quality challenges all multi-asset allocators face.

We enable offices like yours to more confidently and successfully manage complex portfolios, with game-changing improvements in your data accuracy, transparency, and timeliness.

The Ledgex team draws on experience as COOs, founders, consultants, and software developers in the investment space who have had to struggle with the same data quality issues that you do. We’ve seen the challenges firsthand and decided to take them on, to build a foundational system that could improve all aspects of the office.


Christopher McCoy

Chris is the COO and Chief Product Officer, connecting our vision with the needs of our clients. He brings over three decades of experience in data-driven applications, in fintech and aerospace, and is a founding member of Ledgex Systems.

Director of Business Development & Product Strategy

Nicole Eberhardt

Nicole has over 20 years of experience as a financial services professional and entrepreneur, specializing in business process improvement, back office accounting, and product management (Co-founder TKS Solutions - Penny – It Works®, Director of Pro. Services AdvisorWare®, HedgeWare®, and Total Return®).

VP of Software Engineering

Lee McKinnon

Lee has over 10 years of experience building financial applications for the investment community and manages the Ledgex engineering team. As a founding member of Ledgex Systems, he helped develop the original Fund of Fund Portfolio Management product.

Client Service Manager

Brian Nickerson

Brian leads the Client Services team, bringing 30 years of services and support experience to the team to ensure better client outcomes and connect support and developers more successfully.

Board of Directors

John Cahaly

CEO and Chairman of Eze Castle Integration, the leading provider of technology and IT services to the investment industry. In 1995, Cahaly co-founded Eze Castle Consulting, which spun off five successful businesses — Eze Castle Integration, Eze Software Group (formerly Eze Castle Software), Pivot Solutions, Code Red, Inc., and Ledgex Systems.

Ledgex History

Ledgex is not new to the investment space. We started as consultants, primarily to fund of funds, and built a product in that space based on our experience. As the market changed, we realized there were foundational challenges we could help the broader investment industry solve. Challenges that we had seen personally; through Chris, Lee, and Brian’s experience in the early Ledgex fund-of-funds space, Ted’s history with Windhorse and Investure, Nicole’s experience co-founding TKS Solutions (Penny – It Works) and her own business, and Eli’s building world-class FinTech software and teams.

Members of the Ledgex team

We're Ledgex, and we're focused on building a better foundation for investment offices. We'd love to meet you.