Ledgex Pro Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management for Alternative Investments

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Ledgex PM is a comprehensive portfolio management system for investment managers with exposure to all alternative investments. Ledgex Portfolio Manager natively supports the unique way multi-manager investment managers handle daily trading activity, positions and pricing methodologies. The platform allows asset allocators to easily manage complex portfolio structures and look through these portfolios for exposure, performance and allocation weights.

Ledgex PM also streamlines the communication between the front, middle and back office activities related to managing manager activities and closing portfolios. The platform delivers robust and configurable reporting and decision support tools, including automated communications of manager activity with appropriate hand-off to operations and accounting to close and reconcile the portfolio with administrators.

Multiple Ad-hoc Modeling

With Ledgex Pro you can create a variety of scenarios and allocations across all your investments.  This lets you answer “what-if” questions with pro-forma results, taking the guesswork out of complex allocations across multiple months.

Ad-hoc allocations across investments

Portfolio Management Features

  • Performance and attribution reporting
  • Portfolio exposure analysis
  • Portfolio construction: What-if analysis, modeling
  • Portfolio look through: Reporting, pricing propagation and automated allocation updates
  • Portfolio analytics and benchmarking
  • Handle complex portfolio structures
  • Manage private equity investments
  • Easily price securities and track managers
  • Portfolio cash management
  • Risk management

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