Ledgex Pro Modeling

Liquidity Modeling for Family Offices

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Today, investment firms must have robust liquidity management tools and procedures. However, too often fund of funds, endowments, pensions and institutional investors continue to grapple with liquidity management and reporting within their investment portfolios due to a range of issues including complex structures, side pocket interests, gating complexities and regulations.

Ledgex Liquidity solves this by providing an advanced liquidity modeling utility and reporting engine. The Ledgex Liquidity engine generates all available options for accessing assets given certain conditions by processing each tranche and their respective trade characteristics with a manager’s liquidity terms. The platform also enables modeling and analysis of a portfolio or manager’s liquidity through various configurable reports and utilities, including liquidity calendars, liquidation scenarios and portfolio projections.

Flexible Frequencies

Create date rules to allow complete flexibility for notice and redemption dates.

Flexible frequencies and dates
Create schedules for redemption gates

Flexible Terms

Gate schedules can be defined, including lock-up types and date terms to provide unprecedented flexibility to handle any liquidity provisions.

Cash Modeling

Want to know what cash is available when?  Ledgex generates forecasts based upon the liquidity rules.  Whether it’s just a single anniversary date or a set of complex gates, Ledgex Pro takes the mystery out of your cash funding.

Cash forecasts from liquidity rules

Modeling Features

  • Regular and irregular frequency
  • Client defined custom frequency builder
  • Notice and custodian notice day calculator
  • Hard and soft locks
  • Purchase liquidity options
  • Investor level gates with stacking gate support
  • Fund level gates
  • Liquidity alerts
  • Liquidation scenario modeling
  • Cumulative and spot liquidity analysis

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