Ledgex Pro General Ledger

A General Ledger for Investment Offices

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A General Ledger system built specifically for investment offices like yours. Automate your ledger entries, using pre-reconciled and approved transactions from Mission Control. Spend less time re-typing information, gain faster access to information with an interactive General Ledger, and tap into reports and data exports necessary to keep the office running smoothly.

Automatic Ledger Entries

Combine configurable accounts, chart of accounts, and portfolio defaults with fresh data from Mission Control, and > 95% of your ledger entries can be created automatically.

General Ledger Automatic Entry
Easily add new ledger entries

Quick General Journal Entry

Quickly enter vendor and other cash activity in the General Journal, with full account and subaccount support.

Customizable Chart of Accounts

Easily define the set of accounts for your portfolios, whether you’re managing a single Legal Entity or multiple.

Customizeable Chart of Accounts
General Ledger Filtering

Interactive General Ledger

Better visibility into your General Ledger through flexible filtering, sorting, running totals, and keyword search.


Access a report catalog that includes critical reports including your Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Trial Balance.

GL Balance Sheet
Ledgex Exports

Data Exports

Export and mine your general ledger account data, with full support for exports to Excel in several formats.

Full Audit Trail

See when and why each change was made in your General Journal, account configurations, and more, with details on the user, timestamps, and notes.

Market Value Change History
Enter Transactions Once

Full Suite Integration

Connect General Ledger with the whole suite to take advantage of seamless integration of financial data and master Investments, Legal Entities, Portfolios, and Financial Accounts.

Let's start the office with better quality, pre-reconciled data, every day.