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A Guide for Empowering Family Offices
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AUM by alternative investment managers continues to soar. There’s plenty of opportunity for family offices, if they can handle it, but controlling data and its quality is a challenge. Check out our new eBook and gain the capabilities and confidence to handle complex portfolios with greater cost-efficiency, accuracy and speed in areas including:

  • Data Management
  • Entity Management
  • Cash Forecasting & Management (particularly for Private Investments)
  • Liquidity Management (particularly with Alternative Investments)
  • Modeling

Read up on such important topics as:

  • Why family offices lack confidence in data quality and their ability to view and manage it
  • The many benefits of merging ABOR and IBOR and how to get it done
  • Ways family offices can better handle entity management and the “Family Tree” of ownership
  • Software to drive profitability in areas such as cash management, analytics, staff satisfaction

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