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Whitepaper: Examining the Role of Research Management & Portfolio Management Systems in 2017

Regulatory expectations and financial markets continue to evolve. Ensuing from these shifting landscapes are heightened pressures on the shoulders of investment firms to deliver greater transparency, manage complex relationships, improve the overall due diligence process and utilize mass data in a more interactive and intelligent way. In this article we’ll examine how Research Management Software (RMS) and Portfolio Management Systems (PM) work together to not only satisfy these increasingRead more

The Importance of Workflow Standardization in Due Diligence

Most investors believe they have some type of workflow standardization when it comes to selecting prospective managers — even if they rely more on instinct than anything else. However, Ledgex has seen the same mistakes occur again and again if firms don’t have the right steps in place. If you’re looking to minimize the risks that you take, it may be time to tighten up your processes. What IsRead more

How Effective Data Aggregation Engine Increases Productivity Efficiency

It’s time to select a research management system to help your firm serve investment needs and easily manage portfolios, and there’s a lot to consider when finding the right tool. While it might not be the first thing you think of when selecting a new research and portfolio management utility, any system you select must include an effective data aggregation and integration engine to be truly effective. Why PortfolioRead more

Whitepaper: Five Reasons Firms Need A Research Management System

In today’s competitive market, research management software (RMS) has become a must-have integrated feature for investment management firms. Significant benefits offered via RMS have caused a ripple effect of soaring adoption rates across the global investment industry. In this paper we’ll examine how adopting a research management solution could benefit your firm by discussing the following five key topics: The need for a central repository Meeting regulatory expectations BuildingRead more

Whitepaper: A Look at Liquidity Risk Management

The need for more robust liquidity risk management tools and procedures is apparent in the wake of the financial crisis. However, due to shifting regulations and detailed fund and investment structures, funds and institutional investors continue to grapple with liquidity management and reporting within their investment portfolios. This whitepaper provides a high level overview of both the liquidity risk challenges facing firms today and the ways in which someRead more

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