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Ledgex Unveils All-in-One Platform to Streamline Preliminary and Official Book of Record Reporting for Asset Management

Ledgex announces Ledgex Pro, a multi-asset class portfolio accounting solution that handles ABOR and IBOR in one single solution, streamlining workflows and providing data insights never before offered. Included is Mission Control the innovative Ledgex Data Confidence Index, to give users deep insight into the quality of data they receive, along with a complete audit trail. The Data Confidence Index uses machine learning algorithms to analyze key data indicators and assign each piece of information a level of confidence within Mission Control.

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Exploring Investor Relations Software and Their Benefits

Global FinTech Series shares a list of reliable investor relations software that are not only good but offer a great hand to maintain likely relations with business investors. Ledgex is included as number seven, pointing out that it is a favorable software for multi asset allocators.