Ledgex Document Retrieval Service Lets Family Offices and Financial Firms Outsource Manual Processes and Overcome Talent Concerns

Ledgex DRS Helps Clients More Easily Manage Private Investment Documents, While

Saving Money, Resources and Freeing Staff to Focus on More Strategic Work


WALTHAM, Mass., July 19, 2023Ledgex today launched a document retrieval service (Ledgex DRS) enabling family offices and other providers of financial services to eliminate labor intensive manual processes, automate tasks and better manage the documentation associated with private investments. The company is the creator of LedgexPro, the award-winning multi-asset class portfolio management and accounting solution, built by investment professionals for family offices, foundations, endowments and multi-strategy managers.


Due to the volatility of financial markets, limited partnerships (LPs) are increasingly turning to private investing, a realm with disparate data models for reporting and document retrieval. However, as institutions make customer statements and documents available, family offices and other financial firms must pull down information from various portals and reenter it into systems. Many of these organizations have limited personnel and teams already stretched too thin. By outsourcing the heavy burden of manual process and tedious tasks, not only is accuracy improved, they can retain staff and attract candidates seeking more fulfilling work, all at a much lower cost.


“Due to security issues, there’s no way to fully automate this process, so many financial services providers throw bodies at document retrieval, raising overhead, the likelihood of mistakes and staff burnout,” said the CEO of Ledgex, Nicole Eberhardt. “The rote work that bogs down firms and discourages employees can now be removed. Ledgex DRS gets the data in the system as quickly and cost efficiently as possible, so customers know exactly where they stand at all times, and employees can focus on more gratifying, strategic work.”


Ledgex DRS provides secure end-to-end document retrieval that leverages Azure, Password Manager and multi-factor authentication, accompanied by operational status updates for validation. Highly trained service analysts overseeing activities have deep expertise in content and work closely with custodians and private investment managers. The service is backed by the security expertise and operational support you’d expect from a leading technology provider to financial services clients.


Ledgex DRS highlights include the following:

  • Secure system access
  • Document download and audit:
    • Documents retrieved into secure environments
    • Service analysts confirm against expected content and alerts clients to anomalies
  • Document upload/transfer:
    • Documents uploaded to target system or file server via secure environment
    • Once upload is confirmed, all documents are deleted by service analysts


Ledgex DRS pricing is based on volume, but in all instances, cost is significantly less than a full time resource and ROI is quick. The service enables rapid onboarding of customers; all that’s required are system web address links, system credentials, MFA configuration and expected frequency.


The company will soon introduce a purpose-built operational dashboard for Ledgex DRS. This will provide customers with on-demand access to document retrieval operations, as well as a single place to find status updates, make ad-hoc requests, monitor operational errors or blockers and verify adherence to operational and security guidelines.


For additional details and to get started, please contact Ledgex at info@ledgex.com or visit the services page of our website at www.ledgex.com/services.


About Ledgex

Ledgex was built by investment office professionals to solve multi-asset data quality challenges and usability. The company enables investment firms to confidently and successfully manage complex asset portfolios with game-changing improvements in data accuracy, transparency and timeliness. Ledgex is based in Waltham, Mass. For more information, please call (888) 748-0933, email info@ledgex.com or visit our website at www.ledgex.com.


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